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Opera Grill Reviews; Chester, UK
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    Opera Grill, Chester Review

    3 Pepper St, Chester CH1 1DF, UK
    Opera Grill Review
    4 Star Rating
    Tags: Chester, UK, Steakhouse reviewsThe Bill: £72 per head

    Housed in a remarkable Grade II listed building, Opera Grill in Chester offers a captivating combination of neoclassical Greek architecture and industrial opulence. This 400-seater restaurant promises a grand theatrical experience, a promise that they deliver on in spectacular fashion. The architectural charm of the exterior is only the beginning of the visual feast that awaits within. As you step inside, the juxtaposition of industrial aesthetics and touches of opulence immediately captures your attention, setting the stage for an extraordinary dining experience.

    The grandeur of Opera Grill extends to the first-floor Music Gallery, a unique addition that elevates the restaurant beyond the ordinary. Every Friday, the stage comes alive with live performances, adding a dynamic and lively element to your dining experience. On Sundays, Opera Grill welcomes a gospel choir to serenade diners with soulful classics, creating a Sunday ambiance like no other. My partner and I were fortunate enough to experience this uplifting choir during our visit.

    Our evening at Opera Grill commenced with a visit to the bar, where we indulged in a couple of cocktails to set the mood. My partner's choice was the Espresso Martini, a delightful concoction of Absolut vanilla vodka and Fair organic coffee liqueur, combined with fresh espresso. The rich, bold flavours of coffee and vodka were perfectly balanced, creating a satisfying start to our dining adventure.

    "Opera Grill is a must-visit for those looking for a memorable and extraordinary culinary adventure."

    I opted for the Bramble, an exquisite blend of Bombay Sapphire gin, lemon, and sugar, all topped off with a drizzle of Crème de mûre. The tartness of the lemon combined harmoniously with the sweet and fruity notes of the gin and Crème de mûre, making it a refreshing and visually appealing drink.

    For our first course, I selected the Heritage Beetroot dish, a colourful and delightful plate of flavour. It featured a medley of elements, including squash hummus, cauliflower tabbouleh, sesame tahini, and Hazelnut dukkah spice. The dish's creative combination of textures and flavours, from the creamy hummus to the dukkah spice, was a sensory delight that set high expectations for the rest of the meal.

    My partner opted for the Chicken Skewers, complete with tikka spices, mint yogurt, and lime. The skewers were tender and infused with the aromatic spices, and the mint yogurt provided a refreshing contrast to the bold flavours.

    Moving on to the main event, my partner ordered the 225g Angus & Hereford Fillet, accompanied by a Green Peppercorn sauce and Triple Cooked Chips. The fillet was cooked to perfection, with a succulent interior and a beautifully seared exterior. The Green Peppercorn sauce added a burst of bold and peppery flavours that complemented the tender meat, while the Triple Cooked Chips were crispy on the outside and wonderfully fluffy on the inside.

    I decided on the 275g Angus & Hereford Ribeye, which was served with their Chimichurri sauce and Triple Cooked Chips. The ribeye boasted rich marbling and a robust flavour. The Chimichurri sauce, with its blend of fresh herbs and zesty notes, enhanced the meat's taste without overpowering it. The Triple Cooked Chips, once again, were a delightful accompaniment.

    To complement our main courses, we also ordered sides of Mashed Potatoes and Creamed Spinach. The Mashed Potatoes were velvety smooth and paired well with the robust flavours of the steak, while the Creamed Spinach added a touch of creaminess and earthy depth to the meal.

    As the evening progressed, we couldn't resist the temptation of exploring more of Opera Grill's tempting cocktails. Next up was the Spicy Fifty, a creation featuring Absolut vanilla vodka, honey, elderflower cordial, lemon, and a dash of birds-eye chili. This cocktail delivered a harmonious blend of sweet, sour, and spicy elements, leaving a pleasant tingling sensation on the palate.

    We also couldn't resist indulging in one of their signature cocktails, the Porn Star Martini. This delightful concoction featured Absolut vanilla vodka and passion fruit, mixed with pineapple and lemon, and was served with a shot of Prosecco on the side. The vibrant combination of tropical fruits, vodka, and the effervescence of Prosecco created a memorable and celebratory drink.

    One of the standout moments of our evening at Opera Grill was the performance by the Sunday gospel choir. This was a dining experience like no other, as the entire restaurant came alive with the captivating music and infectious energy of the choir. It was heartwarming to see diners, including myself, join in the celebration, creating a sense of unity and joy that is rare to find in a restaurant. The choir's presence added a unique and unforgettable dimension to our evening, making us wish that such experiences were more widespread.

    Opera Grill in Chester is more than just a restaurant; it's a sensory journey that combines exquisite dining with exceptional entertainment. From the grandeur of the neoclassical exterior to the industrial opulence inside, Opera Grill offers a unique and immersive experience. The cocktails are creatively crafted, the food is exceptional, and the Sunday gospel choir elevates the dining experience to a new level of enjoyment. Opera Grill is a must-visit for those looking for a memorable and extraordinary culinary adventure. We left with a strong desire to return and relive the magic of this remarkable establishment, and we highly recommend it to anyone seeking a dining experience that transcends the ordinary.

    Photos courtesy of Opera Grill
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