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    21 Club, New York

    21 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019, USA
    21 Club Review
    5 Star Rating
    4 May 201921 Club
    Tags: New York, USA, Private Members Club reviewsThe Bill: Ł87 per head

    On a recent trip to New York, we simply couldn’t pass on a visit to 21 Club. We knew we had to visit upon learning that 21 Club is a part of the Belmond group of hotels and restaurants, which we have come to love over the years. Being located in central New York, the exterior of 21 Club pays homage to 35 multi-coloured jockeys, who adorn the entranceway and welcome you into the fold.

    21 Club was first opened in 1930 and quickly became one of the most famous speakeasies of the Prohibition Era, and it’s easy to see why. Fabulous location aside, the building itself is quite the sight to behold, and although since then it has undergone many refurbishments and refreshes, the speakeasy vibe remains true to this day, keeping 21 Club’s history very much alive.

    The building itself offers a wealth of areas to explore and reside, including the bar room, bar 21 & lounge, and of course the upstairs at 21. During our visit, we experienced the bar room, which truly is something else, and nothing short of iconic. With comfortable booths, circular table-cloth adorned tables perfect for socialising, and low-level lighting, this is certainly a place for some fun to be had. And there’s no better talking point than all the toys that are suspended from the ceiling, which rumour has it are gifts from sports stars, celebrities and even presidents.

    When we arrived, we were immediately highly impressed by the standards of 21 Club. Smartly dressed staff lined the corridors waiting to serve and look after guests, all of whom are also encouraged to set a high tone, with a strict dress code of ties and dinner jackets being mandatory.

    To begin our evening, we chose a couple of pre-dinner cocktails whilst browsing the menu. I went for the Islay Negronis, which saw a mix of Botanist gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. My partner had the ‘21’ Perfect Manhattan, which was a mix of Maker’s Mark, sweet and dry vermouth and a dash of bitters. Both cocktails were classically made and hit all the right spots. They were simply delicious.

    “Smartly dressed staff lined the corridors waiting to serve and look after guests, all of whom are also encouraged to set a high tone, with a strict dress code of ties and dinner jackets being mandatory.”

    To begin our culinary choices, I chose the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail to start. This classic dish was elevated by the incredibly large and wonderfully fresh shrimp, which were a real treat. My partner went for the Veal Cheek Risotto, which came prepared with charred onion and creme fraiche. This dish offered a wonderful array of flavours and textures which came together perfectly to make a fantastic dish.

    For our mains, I chose the Dover Sole, served with mashed cauliflower, tomato, fennel and brown butter. This dish was full of fresh and light flavours, with the richness of the brown butter really bringing everything together with a touch of indulgence. My partner went for the Filet Mignon, which came served with pomme boulangčre, asparagus, blue cheese butter and red wine jus. As expected, the filet was perfectly cooked and each of the accompaniments was just as special as the last. We also decided to add a side of olive oile whipped potatoes, which was impossibly smooth.

    For our wine choice, we went with the 2016 Domaine La Barroche Chateauneuf-du-Pape Signature, Rhone, France, which was a real joy to experience. Dominant with dark and red fruit flavours as well as herbs and a hint of spice; this wine complemented the Filet Mignon dish perfectly, however was easily drinkable on its own. It made up for us not ordering dessert, which I must say, looked incredibly tempting from other tables.

    Overall we were highly impressed with 21 Club. We had an outstanding meal in an interesting and unique environment, made even more special by the dress code efforts made by fellow diners and the staff. We would highly recommend 21 Club for a special meal in New York City, and simply cannot wait to return on our next visit.

    Photos courtesy of 21 Club
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