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    Le Cinq, Paris Review

    31 avenue George V, 75008, Paris, France
    Le Cinq Review
    5 Star Rating
    Tags: Paris, France, Fine Dining reviewsThe Bill: £238 per head

    Le Cinq can be found inside the George V Four Seasons Hotel, Paris, offering fine dining at its finest. This restaurant truly does sit at the top of when it comes to exceptional food, first-class services, and breath-taking, opulent surroundings. The whole experience in Le Cinq was faultless from start to finish.

    From the moment I saw the two wrought iron doors that lead into Le Cinq I knew we were in for a special experience. The dining area is breathtaking, it gives you the sentiment of dining in a private ‘chateau’.

    Adorned with grand, traditional furniture and large mirrors, there is an intimate and personal setting to the room. It’s an experience like no other, and one we will not forget in a hurry.

    "This is the finest of fine dining, and an experience to remember."

    The sommelier was an exciting showman who has a passion for what he does like nothing I have seen before. His name is Thierry Hamon, and throughout our experience he took us on a wine tasting adventure. He has dedicated his life to being a wine artisan, and it was a pleasure being showered with his knowledge.

    We were also spoilt by Christian Le Squer, a 12 year consecutive three Michelin Star recipient, and it was obvious why. Each and every dish is beautifully hand crafted and signed off by Christian, the use and fusion of flavours is nothing short of divine. We decided on the tasting menu, delivered over several courses, with each course stunningly presented and incredibly delicious.

    Course one, Sea scented Concentration, which is Plain Sea Scallop with Frozen Tarama. Paired with a glass of Lanson Noble Rose. Followed by course two which was Gratinated Onions in contemporary Parisian style, and a glass of Saumur Insolite, 2012 by Thierry Germain, a wine pioneer. Bringing a versatile white-wine with smooth delivery of fruity flavour. The rich flavours of both dishes and wines blended perfectly, very enjoyable dishes.

    Course three was Glazed John Dory, with Tangerine Juice and Green Mango Petals. Simply a delectable collection of flavours, prepared to perfection once again. Paired with a glass of Madere Verdelo Blandy’s, 1984. A vintage treat, with an elegant and spicy taste.

    The next course was brought out in the form of Pigeon from Racan, with Walnut Powder and Pear and Watercress Sauce. Another absolute delight that I relish having again in the future. Thierry brought us a glass ofChassagne Montrachet, 1er cru Vergers Dne, Niellon, 2011, a crisp, yet concentrated taste.

    Course five was a dessert dish simply titled “Dairy Iced, Baking”, which offers a Bakery Powder Taste, and a glass of Gevrey Chambertin Serafin, 2009, a taste to stop and marvel at. It delivered a precise aroma of red berries, cherry, spices and mocha, with just a faint whiff of menthol.

    To complete we rounded off an amazing culinary journey with a Dark Chocolate, lightly iced with Caramel Milk, presented meticulously and very rich, full of delicious flavour. Paired with a glass of Champagne Diebolt Vallois Blanc de Blancs, and one Maury Preceptorie, a divine white wine with a strong Pear and white Peach punch.

    It’s a shame the evening needed to draw to an end, but the memories will stay with us. This is the finest of fine dining, and an experience to remember. We recommend taking the time to pay a visit to Le Cinq, you won't be disappointed.

    Photos courtesy of Le Cinq
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