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Sydney Opera House Tours Reviews; Sydney, Australia
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    Sydney Opera House Tours Review

    Sydney Opera House Tours Review

    While in Sydney we were fortunate enough to experience a tour of the Sydney Opera House. The tour takes you through several theatres within the Opera House, as well as giving you a lot of information about the history of the building. You get to walk under the world famous sails and go through some of the 300 plus corridors in this massive structure.

    We were taken back by just how big the Opera House is. There are over 1,000 rooms, 300 corridors, and hundreds of little secret places to explore. An hour tour really isn't long enough to experience everything this magnificent building has to offer, but it's a must experience in my opinion. Even almost 60 years on from when it was built, it still remains one of the most iconic buildings around the world.

    "It’s a must experience while in Sydney."

    As you're walking around with the tour if you are lucky you may walk through rehearsals for a show, or some of the stages being set up. This really is a unique back-stage pass type of feeling. With the wealth of history and still home to some of the most sought after performances of the modern day, we were really honoured to be back stage in a building shared by so many famous performers.

    The tour takes you through several interactive experiences that really keeps the interest peaked. There are some videos showing parts of its history, some audio narratives, and of course an enthusiastic tour guide ready to answer all and any questions you may have. Sydney has a lot to offer, but I have to say this tour is near the top of my list of experiences. I have a new found interest and respect for the performers and shows that take place from the Sydney Opera House every year.

    Photos courtesy of Sydney Opera House Tours

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